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Who Will Win in a World Of.... by cadet Who Will Win in a World Of.... :iconcadet:cadet 100 54 what a jerk by incongruousinquiry what a jerk :iconincongruousinquiry:incongruousinquiry 358 22 30 Rock Stamp by cool-slayer 30 Rock Stamp :iconcool-slayer:cool-slayer 75 15 Sulley by BluebottleFlyer Sulley :iconbluebottleflyer:BluebottleFlyer 34 21 Monsters University by reed682 Monsters University :iconreed682:reed682 627 53 Hetalia: World Series Skin by Vexcel Hetalia: World Series Skin :iconvexcel:Vexcel 495 189 Taffyta Muttonfudge stamp by SA948-Stamps Taffyta Muttonfudge stamp :iconsa948-stamps:SA948-Stamps 109 3 Stamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. by PixAlchemist Stamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. :iconpixalchemist:PixAlchemist 1,881 78 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Stamp by karazii Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Stamp :iconkarazii:karazii 60 17 Saturday Night Live Stamp by dA--bogeyman Saturday Night Live Stamp :iconda--bogeyman:dA--bogeyman 134 0 Stamp: Pierce the veil by Ashley44598X Stamp: Pierce the veil :iconashley44598x:Ashley44598X 69 1
I love a boy.
I love a boy.
A boy who seems as though he’s traveling through time;
he sometimes flickers in black-and-white or sepia, 
then suddenly shines brightly in Technicolor,
as though he often commutes between Kansas and Oz.
A boy who drinks tea without milk or sugar.
A boy who sings not like the first,
but the second bird you hear in the morning;
his song is not a surprise, not startling, not what wakes you–
it’s what makes you glad you’re awake.
A boy who masquerades as an open book,
but is really very hard to read
A boy who moves like he’s underwater;
completely weightless, completely in control. 
A boy who looks graceful whether he’s 
or falling.
A boy who is constantly placed in the spotlight,
yet his eyes have never adjusted.
A boy that knows just how to make you laugh,
even if you’re already crying.
A boy who knows when to let silence be silence,
and also when to break it.
A boy that communicates like a
:iconthoushallnotfall:ThouShallNotFall 27 16
I am a whisper; a curse on your lips.
A rush of bad blood running through fingertips.
I am a huntress; I feed from your mind.
Burn sanity's contract, a bill left unsigned.
I leap to the throat of a life once seen clear;
Erasing all memories of yesterday's year.
I drive you to madness, I savor your rage.
I lock you in anger like ink on a page.
I am a virus, a fight you can't win.
A dark hand that forces the good men to sin.
Shadowing love like an unforeseen wave,
I'm crashing your party; take it to your grave.
I can't be resisted; I am nature's force.
Treading where misery and love divorce.
You are a slave to your own innocence.
Forget who you are; mentally dead in a sense.
Your judgment is mine now; there's no right or wrong.
There's only your instinct, insanity's song.
You're nothing more now than disguised as a soul;
A lost cause, you've fallen and lost all control.
You may never recover; you've waited too late.
Insanity draws you a map of your fate.
Fight if you will, but don't hold
:iconxxrazorhawk86xx:xXRazorHawk86Xx 3 2
breathless by kittycrime breathless :iconkittycrime:kittycrime 843 132

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Memories of a Dreamer
I can no longer tell
Which is real and what is not
But, that does not matter anymore
This moment is it, this moment is now
Breathtaking, isn't it?
The blinding haze of the lights
Draws out the excitement within
Its tendrils waving rapidly inside of me
Illuminating the depths of my soul.
The doors open to reveal the other side
That I have finally made it to
Sobering is the thought of leaving
But smoking husks and breadcrumbs
Of a former part of me.
It was then that I realised
I had never truly left her
She's still here to renounce the tales and memories
That occurred right here in this building
Providing a constant reassurance
To expel the feeling that places
Lines of worry unto my brow.
All the while
The exhilarating melodic dream starts again
My heart thudding like a drum
Providing a rhythm for my wild imagination
For all things new, all things unknown.
Empty hallways surround me
Yet they dance, teeming with life
For all of those memories that seem so distant in time
I have drawn back
:iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 1 0
oh, I am so tired of hiding
the scars of yesterday
being cold and numb
reopens the scars of forever
goodness, when will i be happy again?
for i no longer feel at home in
my own skin.
goodness, when will i be able to feel?
i'm starting to suffocate again
:iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 0 3
where the lilacs are
And now I'm
Shaking, sobbing
In your
And now I
Want to go
Where the lilacs are
For this is
To me.
I'm tired of
One house
One home.
:iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 1 0
Why, It's Q*Bert by thatnerdyowl56 Why, It's Q*Bert :iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 20 1
Lost Little Girl
One little girl who was born one day
One little girl who had her whole life planned out
One little girl with a wide imagination and an intelligence
One little girl with nothing but perfection
Is now
One big girl who knew but never realised
One big girl who let it all catch up with her
One big girl who still ignored herself
One big girl who couldn't let go
One big girl who can't look in the mirror
One big angry, broken, silent girl
One big bleeding, crying, denying girl
One big girl who dwells in shame
Is now
One little girl lying in the ground
One little girl lost, but never found.
:iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 0 0
I'm Still Here
The stars keep me holding
Onto my tangled web of throttled lies
I'm tearing the seams of the story that was not yet written
But now is only a quiet dream
Echoing thoughts of my dismal past, eradicated
Gone, but still overcasting,
Like the sun-rays through the ghostly haze
Silent whispers reach my mind
:iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 3 4
stupid girl
how could you do that
how dumb are you
i thought you were so much more than this
to stoop to that level
where have you been?
i miss the old you.
i miss you when you were a baby.
back when you did no wrong.

You know, I do too.
I agree.
I miss myself.
Because I'm just as tired of being me as you are.
:iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 2 0
DeviantID - January 10, 2013 by thatnerdyowl56 DeviantID - January 10, 2013 :iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 0 0 New Icon - January 4, 2013 by thatnerdyowl56 New Icon - January 4, 2013 :iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 1 4
You look at him.
You run his features over in your mind, as he stands rigidly in front of you.
Short. Adorably short. He has to strain look up at your face, for he's just shy of half your height. In his wide, innocuous, bright baby blue eyes, there is a constant sense of heroism, purity, and adoration. Soft, light brown bangs hang loosely from the edge of his simplistic hat.
They catch in the wind and float freely, portraying an image like the summer birds in the careless wind.
You keep seeing his eyes.
His eyes, those oceanic eyes, are the only things keeping you anchored, the only thing keeping you from falling back into the desolate void, cold and unfeeling.
Stealing a glance down towards his hand, you feel as if you want to laugh. You want to kick yourself, shoot yourself in the foot, punish yourself.
You think to yourself-
Stupid fool... A glitzy, shimmering piece of utterly worthless pixelated gold isn't going to solve your problems. Don't tire this poor man with your pathe
:iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 19 17
My Feels On Wreck-It Ralph... by thatnerdyowl56 My Feels On Wreck-It Ralph... :iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 1 0 I'm Sorry v.2 by thatnerdyowl56 I'm Sorry v.2 :iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 0 0 Lol by thatnerdyowl56 Lol :iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 0 0
Faded Memories, Somber Present
Heavy, controlling silence blanketed itself, completely suffocating the whole of the house, its glorified white paint seeming brighter than usual-despite the thick overcast of smokey grey dimming everything, including the man's usually joyous persona.
Hadn't it only been a few days ago? That neck-and-neck sprint to victory seemed like it had flown past him, as if only seconds. His dark eyes fixated beyond the intricate wooden monstrosity of a desk he was sitting at to the floor beyond. His mind relapsed, for the nth time, all those moments he had let go of, freely allowing the red - or blue - ribbon of those potentially beautiful moments fly away with the draft. He silently cursed himself for not coming to terms with his strange emotional attachment to him sooner. Perhaps he could have; if only he had not been frightened at the reaction he might have received from some of his fellow peers and ever-loyal supporters.
The tired hands of the man provided a comforting niche to place his wea
:iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 3 20
the truth.
You told her forever.
You liar.
I used to bump your faces together to make you kiss.
You liar.
"How can you be a mother if you aren't married?"
Because he was a liar.
:iconthatnerdyowl56:thatnerdyowl56 1 0



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United States
Hellooooo!! Vanellope Von Schweetz gif -for profile by thatnerdyowl56
My name is Emma, I'm thirteen years old, and much of my life revolves around crying because of bands and The Not Ready for Prime Time Players. I was born and raised through Pixar. Sometimes, I like to pretend that I have a talent for art... Specifically, poetry.

I have no life after the internet. I'm seriously so boring I have nothing else to say, other than I love you. And you're beautiful. I mean it. Now go and conquer the world. ♥

Turbo-Tastic Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by RadSpyro Muse Stamp by IndustriousRage Cyanide and Happiness stamp by 5-3-10-4 Stamp: Pierce the veil by Ashley44598X Saturday Night Live Stamp by dA--bogeyman :iconinvisiblespaceplz: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Stamp by karazii :thumb136011340: Stamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. by PixAlchemist 30 Rock Stamp by cool-slayer
:iconinvisiblespaceplz: ignore this too by thatnerdyowl56 ignore this yet again by thatnerdyowl56 Kenneth Parcell 30 Rock - gif for profile by thatnerdyowl56
FUCK lmao i literally lost the password to this thhing for like 3 FUCKING YEARS
and then forgot which email i had linked ot this account holy fuck lmao

im in tears??? im fcu

i never thougt id eb able to get on this thing again. Wow

ok i just wanna say. something really important. if i ever had any questionable (like genuinely questionable) moments on here please chalk it up to the fact that i was 12 and ignorant. if i followed weird people it was bc they were part of my groups, etc etc . im 16 now and i know better

im deleting those groups and probably deleting most content on here

i  created another acct (ianrubbish) which i will likely be using. but still it is just absolutely fascinating to be on this account again

hell. im a junior in hs now and the last time i was on here i wasnt even a freshman yet. wow

fuck anyway probably like nobody's left and i;ll be shocked if ppl respond to this like At all

if you cant tell ive completely changed as a person which is pretty normal, like i said before ive changed a lot since 12 and im sorry for any bad behavior



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